Basketball FRVR

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/26/2022

Basketball FRVR

Basketball FRVR is a relaxing game you can play when you are bored or when want to play a game but do not want to bother with the controls and instructions. This game is perfect for blowing off steam yet keeps things a little competitive so you do not lose interest.  You will have to make it through the hoop and score.

With simple and fun 2D graphics and easy mechanics, Basketball FRVR can get addictive. So watch out and make sure not to get too lost in the game. The game does not have a scoreboard or comparison chart but it does give you points based on how efficient and accurate your throw-of-ball is.

There is no time limit on how soon you should throw the ball. Take your time, aim, and shoot. As long as you are having fun, everything is nice. So if you are bored, grab your laptop or phone and start playing Basketball FRVR.

The game is easy to play but as you dunk more balls through the holes, the game starts to become difficult. But keep going because that is the only thing that will bring you closer to being more and more skilled. So practice and practice till you can maintain the streak and become the champion of Basketball FRVR.

All you have to do is drag and release the ball in the direction of the hoop. If you miss, the game starts all over again. You also get to collect coins on some goal. Use those coins to buy yourself the ball that you like. Score and win!