Rio Rex

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/25/2022

Rio Rex

You are an angry T-Rex, the last of your kind. Your specie has been hunted down by merciless humans and you are all alone now in the whole wide world. There is nothing but vengeance on your mind. So you give those cruel humans the taste of their own medicine and destroy everything you see.

After taking down the city of LA, New York, and Paris, you have now come to the great city of Rio to unleash your wrath. You stop for nothing. The mighty T-Rex is feared by all. The furious, rampaging dino will burn the city to the ground. As you move through different towns, you must fight everyone trying to stop you, destroying houses, cars, and people with your fiery breath. 

Play Rio Rex online and become an epic rampaging dinosaur, bringing chaos and mayhem anywhere you go. Earn points for everything you eat or destroy.

This game takes place in different parts of Rio de Janeiro and features a ferocious T-Rex. It has 16 levels to play and as you move on to the higher ones, the level of difficulty increases. There will be hidden skulls for you to collect as you move through the town. Chew whatever you can chew, burn whatever you can burn down, and leave nothing behind.

How to play Rio Rex?

You can use the arrow keys or W, A, S, and D keys to jump and move around. Use your mouse cursor to control where the head of the T-Rex should be. Right-click to shoot fire breath, which you can activate once you have chewed the flammable drums and barrels. The fiery breath does not last long so use it wisely. Use left-click to chew cars or humans.

You will start from level 1 and make your way to the higher levels once you finish the ones before. As you wreak the town, you will run into some humans who want to kill you. You would simply have to finish them and move on to creating mayhem throughout the city. Have fun burning the city down!