Doctor Hero

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/25/2022

Doctor Hero Games

Ever dreamed of becoming a doctor? Try Doctor Hero! A free online RPG game where your journey begins as an intern at a hospital. Treat patients with wounds, stitch them up, remove shattered glass, fix broken bones, and a lot more!

You start by diagnosing your patients for where the issue lies, examine their legs, arms, stomach, head, chest, and other limbs to determine the cause of pain. After pinpointing their afflictions and diseases, you start to operate on them carefully and make sure you handle the job with precision.

Once you help your patient, you move on to the next and you keep going until you become the world’s most successful surgeon!

Doctor Hero features all sorts of diagnostics and operations you can expect from the medical world. You will come across all kinds of patients and help cure them and prevent spreading of viruses. The graphics are super pleasant and the gameplay is easy which maximizes the fun.

So rest assured you can offer the right care to your patients!

Who made Doctor Hero?

Doctor Hero was originally developed by FOMO Games. They are famous for creating a number of popular simulation games, such as Screw Factory, Woodcraft, and Perfect Peel.

How to play Doctor Hero?

Doctor Hero is played using your left mouse button. Use your left mouse button to drag and move the cursor when the game prompts you to take an action. At the beginning of every treatment, you need to diagnose your patients and find the source of pain.

Once you detect the disease or damage, you have to treat it accordingly and move the cursor as the game directs you. Just be sure your patients don’t feel a lot of pain!