Snake Game

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/25/2022

Snake Game

The Snake Game is an arcade game and a relic from a kinder past! Remember that scent of Autumn air and the peaceful weekends. When there was not much to do, but you and your parent’s Nokia phone with the Snake Game.

You would sit and focus on a tiny screen as you mastered the art of swift movements on the keypad. Setting up high scores only to break your own. Times have changed now but an important memory from childhood is still available for you to revisit.

The Snake Game is easy to play (only in the beginning). As you progress further and further in the game, the speed of your snake increases and so does the difficulty. The online version features three difficulty modes for you to choose from. These modes vary from easy to hard.

Start slow and once you improve, try setting a score on hard mode. Remember, higher difficulty level means you earn more points. The goal of the game is to simply feed your snake and grow it as long as you can. Of course, legends say that no one has ever managed to fill up the entire screen.

Do you have what it takes to prove that wrong? Now with ease of playing only with WASD or arrow keys, you have more control over the snake.

Certainly, Snake Game will unlock your memories but apart from that, you will also find it a great way to enhance your focus as you spend leisure time. The online version of the game is fully responsive, that means you can play it on your mobile devices or tablets, as well as computers.

Finally, just be sure that you do not end up bumping into yourself. The snake really doesn’t like that. So, what are you waiting for? Play Snake Game and reconnect with your childhood!