Dinosaur Game

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/25/2022

Dinosaur Game

The Dinosaur Game with many names! T-Rex Runner, Dino Run, Chrome Dino, Dino Dun, No Internet Game, and finally Google Dinosaur Game. An endless runner game which was thought of not much but a mere time killer for when the internet isn’t available. Over time, the game gained a lot of popularity as millions of people use Chrome browser, and well millions of people probably hit a “No Internet Available” situation.

The game features a T-Rex, that runs on an endless plain and your scores pile up as you run and dodge obstacles such as cactuses and birds.

The goal of the game is simple. All you have to do is beat your own score and if possible, reach the score of 99999 after which, the score will reset to zero. Of course, it is almost impossible to hit that score but don’t let your internet stop you! Play online without worrying that your internet will reconnect and the score will be lost.

How to play

All that’s required to play the Dinosaur Game is your finger, or thumb, or anything you use to hit the spacebar key. Simply press the spacebar button to start the game and also to jump over obstacles. As the game speed increases, you will need to account for that factor and press just in time to hop over the obstacle and have enough space to dodge the next one.

Also, do not attempt to jump over the highest-flying bird!

Who made the Dinosaur Game?

The Dinosaur Game was originally developed by the Google UX team in the year 2014. The names of the members were as follows: Edward Jung; Sebastien Gabriel, and Alan Bettes. It was intended to be an easter egg to Google Chrome for when the internet is not available.