Pinturillo 2

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/25/2022

Pinturillo 2

Pinturillo 2 is the only online game that is closest to the real-life game of Pictionary. It will remind me of the good old days when your friends from high school would come over at your house and you will spend the evening playing DnD or Pictionary.

If you miss playing Pictionary with your friends who have moved away, invite your friends to play Pinturillo 2 where you and your friends can reconnect and enjoy the evening just like how they used to back in the day.

Make new friends by playing Pinturillo 2 online with a group of strangers. With more than 2 million players online, you can play Pinrurillo 2 anytime you like. Just like the classic game of Pictionary, everyone in the group will draw on the blank sheet on their turn and the rest will have to guess what the picture is. If you guess the word correctly, you get points. You can see on the scoreboard at the end of each turn, who scored the highest. 

Take a tour into the nostalgia of the era of Pictionary. Pinturillo 2 brings you the online version of the beloved relic from the past. So whoever you play with, friends or strangers, the fun is guaranteed.

How to play Pinturillo 2?

Just like Pictionary, you will need to draw well to play Pinturillo 2 for everyone to guess what you drew. You get to choose between three words when it is your turn and you have to draw whichever word you choose. Your group members will make guesses while you draw. Those who will guess correctly will be given points.