Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/25/2022


When it comes to enjoying your free time, Skywire ensures a 100% satisfaction. Developed by Nitrome, Skywire is an action platform game. Through the pleasing retro graphics, your only mission is to carry your passengers to their destination.

Now what could possibly go wrong in something so simple? While you navigate through the wire, there are numerous obstacles and creatures that will try to nick your passengers one by one. As the sole navigator, your duty is to ensure the safety of your passengers and avoid all these obstacles.

You can expect a number of dangerous obstacles such as, parrots, rhinos, ostriches, and camels. Every time you bump into an obstacle, you will lose one passenger. However, as long as you manage to deliver only one passenger to safety, you clear the level.

If you are enjoying the thrill and want to share the enjoyment with a friend, Skywire offers a game mode for two-player racing! Compete against your friends and find out who is a better navigator when it comes to minimizing damage and reaching the final destination.

Who made Skywire?

Skywire is a popular online free-to-play arcade game that was originally developed by Nitrome as a flash game. Accounting for the success and large fan base of the game, AwayFL later emulated the game in HTML5 format. So long as you have the latest updates on your Browser, you can play Skywire.

How to play Skywire?

Skywire is easy to play and beginner friendly. It’s a two-button control based game, where you can accelerate and decelerate as required. The Up-arrow key is used to move forward along the wire and Down-arrow key is used to move backwards.

Your main objective is to ensure at least one passenger reaches the destination. However, you can time your movements correctly and make sure all passengers reach safely.