Cooking Fast

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/25/2022

Cooking Fast

Do you want to become the greatest chef of all time? Then get ready to prepare delicious meals in a matter of seconds because that’s how fast you need to be. Expand your business by serving more customers in time. Complete the goals for each level to earn coins and unlock more features of your kitchen which help you cook faster. There is no time to waste when you have a long line of customers to satisfy.

Cook Faster is a single-player cooking game where you get to experience what it is like to be at the backside of your favorite restaurant. Cook Faster is adventurous, challenging, and also very addictive. Complete all the levels to move your setup to better kitchens where your customers pay more and it is always a house-full outside your kitchen. Your only competition is with time. So make sure you don’t waste any.

Cook Fast requires attention and the ability to multitask. Therefore, it is a chance to train your brain to manage multiple things at once. This game is for all ages so, set up goals for yourself and your child and take turns to play. Spark your child’s interest in the kitchen. Who knows, your kid might be the next master chef.

How to play Cooking Fast?

Cooking fast is fairly easy to play. The only hard part about the game is cooking on time. On your screen, you will see a cooking setup and some ingredients which you will need to prepare your orders. You have to be quick and click on the necessary items to prepare the exact same item your customer requires. When you deliver the order they pay you in coins which you can use to buy more equipment.

As you level up, the dishes will get more complex and the orders will increase. But if you act fast you can cater to every customer and sail through the difficulty like the master chef that you are. So challenge your skills and keep your customers happy.