Car Thief

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/25/2022

Car Thief

Car Thief is an online game that lets you be free. From the scores, leaderboards, competition, or anything that might make you concerned about results. It is just you in a world of clones who look exactly like you. They walk around the city with no consciousness, getting on with their lives without thinking much. But not YOU! You have the control to move around as you choose.

So, get your hands on your keyboard, move around and take whatever car you want. Go on a rampage and go crazy. You can race with the buses and cars around or just wander around carefree. It is all up to you. In a 3D fast-paced world, move at your own speed in your own direction.

Do not let anyone get in your way. Use the arrow keys or A, S, D, and W keys to move around. The F key is for entering and exiting cars or bikes. Use the C key to hit the brakes. You can use the mouse cursor to look around while you are walking. There are no consequences or scoreboards to mark your performance.

Car Thief is a relaxing and fun game with uncomplicated graphics which are pleasant to look at. This game is perfect for kids who are struggling with controls and keys. So, help your child and start the game because you will not be reminded that you lost or that the game is over. You get to play for as long as you like. So, stop waiting and start playing!