Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 6/22/2022


Funnel your mathematical genius on a 4x4 grid and see if you have what it takes to beat the 2048 games. Many think they will prevail but hardly a few legends have ever achieved the score.

2048 is a single-player puzzle where you merge the tiles with similar values. Your goal is to keep merging the tiles until you achieve the score 2048. As you merge the tiles, for instance 2 and 2, you will get 4. The tiles can slide into any direction to make the identical tiles merge.

Here’s the twist. Every time you slide, new tiles appear. It’s easier to take it easy and keep sliding left and right but you just might trap the tiles in between different numbers and lose it completely. The 4x4 grid already takes care of depriving you of enough space.

Therefore, just be careful and calculate ahead. Gather up all your mental math and focus it on calculating patterns and values. The more focused you remain, the easier it will be for you to keep some space free. 2048 may seem like an easy score to achieve. However, each new tile starts with the value of 2 at a random location. So, it just might not be that easy.

How to win at 2048?

Even though 2048 is a puzzle but let’s face it, even the Rubik’s cube is solvable, so long as you know “how to”. The best-known method to win at 2048 is by ensuring you keep your highest value tiles in one of the corners of the grid. Once you get that down. You can work other tiles in that direction and eventually hit 2048.

How to play 2048?

The controls for 2048 are arrow keys. You just push the button and all the tiles with free spaces will slide into that direction. Tiles with identical numbers will merge and double in value while tiles with different numbers will stack against each other.