Go Kart GO! Ultra

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/25/2022

Go Kart GO! Ultra Games

Go Kart Go! Ultra! is an animal go-cart racing game. It is fun, exciting, and competitive – perfect for getting that adrenaline pumping. Pick your favorite character and race till you finish all the laps. Unlock more worlds and characters as you make your way up to the top.

Go Kart Go! Ultra! Has excellent graphics and is really easy to play. You get to choose between a single-player or two-player mode where you get to race against your friend. You can steer the cart, boost your cart while you race, jump over obstacles and also collect as many stars as you can while you’re on the track.

You start off with selecting your driver and then getting your engines ready to race. The first world has 3 laps and you have to race to finish as fast as you can. As you unlock more worlds, the level of difficulty increases. The twists, turns, and obstacles would challenge you and you have to overcome all those and keep going. You unlock the next world once you finish the previous one. The stars you pick on the track will buy you more fashionable and cooler characters to pick.

Would you prefer racing through the crispy dust of the old station sitting in the middle of the desert or the snowy terrain of Central Park? Whichever you choose, just make sure you aren’t the last one to finish.

Some obstacles would slow you down and some would completely throw you off the tracks but you have to keep racing because that’s the only way to win. Go Kart Go! Ultra is easy to play but requires you to be tactful. Avoid bumping into other racers to avoid slowing down. This game is for all ages. Hence, you and your child both can have some competitive fun at the same time.

How to play Go Kart Go! Ultra!?

You have to pick your character/driver every time you choose a new world. Use arrow keys to steer around, spacebar to use an item, shift key to jump and drift on track, and Z to look back.

If you are playing two-player mode then the first player can use the above keys for control and the second player can use W, A, S, and D for steer, Q for using an item, Tab key for jumping and drifting, and E to look back.

Other than these if you want to mute the background music of the game, press M. To pause the game use either Esc key or P.