Blocky Snakes

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/26/2022

Blocky Snakes

Blocky Snakes is another one of those awesome multiplayer IO games on the internet. Join a lobby with other players in an arena and start feeding your snake. Your goal is to become the largest one on the field and avoid being trapped by other players.

Blocky Snakes is completely free to play and has a large number of players always active. That is to say, whenever you feel like playing, just get on and you’ll find plenty of people to play with.

The game features a slightly different perspective with its 3D view and vivid graphics. In order to become the king or queen of the match, you have to be the largest one in the arena. It sounds easier in theory because some players just might decide to team up on you to take your throne.

You can speed up the growth by making other players crash against your body and eat the blocks they will leave behind. You can also use their trial as bait for other snakes and trap them once they move towards the trail of blocks.

Blocky Snakes is fully responsive and works on all the latest browsers. You can even play it on your mobile on the go.

How to play Blocky Snakes?

To play Blocky Snakes you just need to pick a username for yourself and join a lobby with other players. Feed as many blocks your snake as you can to grow bigger and avoid bumping into other snakes. You can take down other players by capturing them within the body of your snake. Therefore, longer snake means it is easier to wrap around them.

You can also use left mouse button to boost your snake’s speed and dodge difficult situations.