Battle Golf Online

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/26/2022

Battle Golf Online Games

Battle Golf is an online game with two modes, multiplayer and Ai. You can even play time attack to see who can make the most hole-in-ones.

The game starts with you in one corner and your opponent on the other. The hole rises up from the middle of the ocean and once a ball is potted, the hole sinks and a new one rises. Battle golf has an easy control system but it is a highly competitive game.

To add a few twists, the developer added some birds you can whack with the ball if they prevent you from getting a hole-in-one. However, if you can score a hole-in-one in less tries, you will earn more points. The levels continue to generate as you progress. So, while you play against other players, you will also be racing against time.

Once you run out of time, the game starts from the beginning. The key to winning is to practice against Ai and increase your speed and precision.

How to play Battle Golf?

Battle Golf is a game of patience, precision, and response time. The game has a one-button control system, and that is “spacebar” key. Soon as the game begins, an arrow will start moving and indicate the direction of the projectile.

To select a projectile direction, just hit the “spacebar” key and the arrow will stay still and a horizontal bar indicating the speed will start moving. Once you are sure that’s the optimal speed to launch your golf ball, hit “spacebar” and try to get hole-in-one!

However, some birds might try to throw off your aim, so be careful and if required, shoot twice before your opponent.

How made Battle Golf?

Battle Golf is a fun free-to-play online game developed by Colin Lane. He’s popularly known for his other fun sports games such as Rowdy Wrestling, Touchdowners, and Dunkers.