Winter Clash 3D

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/25/2022

Winter Clash 3D

Winter Clash 3D is a multiplayer shooter game and is highly addictive! The game was created by Freeway for Christmas. That’s why you dress up as Santa with guns or an elf and dive into a deathmatch against an enemy team.

The objective of the game is to defeat the rival team. You can use the map to your advantage by collecting hidden power weapons and getting leverage over your enemies. Moreover, characters can be upgraded to overwhelm the battlefield.

Winter Clash 3D features clear graphics and stunning mechanics that make you forget that this is only an online browser game. You can move freely around the spaces, hide and shoot your enemies from distances or engage in close combat and take down as many as you can.

Until the end of the round, you can respawn every time someone shoots you. However, you have to make sure you scored the most kills and points for your team to secure the win.

How to play Winter Clash 3D?

Winter Clash 3D is a shooter game with similar movement controls for other FPS.

  • You can move around using the arrow keys or WASD,
  • Use “C” key to crouch and combine it with movement buttons and avoid getting shot,
  • Use “L” key to Enter and Exit Lock Mode,
  • Use the mouse to aim and left click for shooting,
  • You can also ADS with right mouse button for better accuracy.

Who created Winter Clash 3D?

Winter Clash 3D was originally developed by Freeway Interactive, a Russian based team that is also famously known for their other shooting games: Airport Clash 3D, Rocket Clash 3D, Subway Clash 3D, and Sniper Clash 3D. All part of a series of shooting games.