Merge Cakes

Author: Chris Vargas
Date: 10/25/2022

Merge Cakes

If you love baking games or just looking for something for when you are bored, try Merge Cakes. A casual merge game that can end up being quite addictive.

The goal of the game is to match two cakes of a kind and acquire an improved version. The fact that you always get something new and don’t know where the game might end makes it all the more compelling to play. Before you even realize it, you’re baking like a professional with only one thing on your mind: What else can I bake?

As you continue playing the game, you will be rewarded with surprise gifts and even attached ads to improve those rewards. As you build bigger combinations, you will unlock new exotic recipes, and secret bakeries alongside numerous exciting features.

The developers at Ravalmatic knew that Merge Cakes will be super addictive. Therefore, they made it so even if you go offline, you can continue playing without interruptions and once you return, you will find rewards waiting for you.

Are you ready for a delicious adventure to find out what lies at the end of the road?

How to play Merge Cakes?

Merge Cake is a drag and drop merging game. Every 10 seconds, a new dessert appears. You can tap or click the timer to speed it up but don’t go too fast! Otherwise, you will run out of space. You have to left click to hold a dessert and drop it on the identical one to create a new one. As you progress further, new spaces are unlocked so you can bake more at the same time.

Who created Merge Cakes?

Ravalmatic is the mind behind this addictive game. They are famously known for creating captivating games such as Basket Champs, Battleships Armada, and Cricket Hero among several others.